Improved user management

We’ve been promising for a while now that we’d make it easier, actually a better word is ‘possible’, for Vocabulary Owners to add ‘Members’ to Owner/Agents and ‘Maintainers’ to Vocabularies. We finally implemented it today! It’s unfortunate that it has taken us so long, since one of the primary goals of the Registry is to support multi-user vocabulary development, but it turned out to require more infrastructure twiddling than we thought it would.

If you’re a vocabulary owner and are logged in, you can add other registered folks as ‘members’ of your Owner/Agent and you can even make them administrators if you want:

The Registry! :: NSDL Registry :: List Members

The Registry! :: Editing NSDL Registry permissions for Diane Hillmann

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We hope the process is pretty self-explanatory.

Once you’ve added a user as a member of your Owner/Agent group, you can add them to your vocabularies as Vocabulary Maintainers or Administrators.

The Registry! :: NSDL Registry Agents Vocabulary :: List Maintainers

The Registry! :: Adding maintainer to NSDL Registry Agents Vocabulary
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

We realize that this is still somewhat limited and of course the documentation is ummm, poor, but we’ll be doing more with user management shortly.

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