New SOA Registry from Infravio

Infravio has released X-Registry Platform 5 and I wish we could get our hands on this and take it for a test run. Looks like it might be a great model for both the Registry and the MMS. According to the article, the cost is $125K to $175K, which seems a bit expensive, but does indicate the overall organizational value of this kind of service and I assume the expected ROI.

The review is worth a read if only for what the reviewer thinks is important in a Services Registry.

From a review in InfoWorld

“…X-Registry stands out in its use of contracts to codify the run-time relationship between the service provider and consumer. Contracts are policies that govern relationship parameters that live in a business context. The UI allows business-line users to manage these parameters and thus govern the usage of services for their business. These capabilities will prove crucial to organisations that want to do more than play around with Web services.”

“Service metadata includes schemas, sample client code, documentation, certificates, and other artifacts that are necessary to use the service. X-Registry also supports structured metadata in the form of name-value pairs, called attributes. X-Registry has a standard set of attributes, but users can also add custom attributes. Custom attribute values are typed to enhance structured queries…”

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